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Starting your puppy off
on the right paw!

Learning manners can be fun!

Our training works on daily life skills in a positive way. We help your rambunctious pup become a well-mannered part of your family. Our training sessions complement your goals at home, and our experienced trainers will work with you to help achieve success.
Show your new puppy the way! We will help you socialize your new puppy over the course of a few weeks using positive, proven techniques developed by The Dog Gurus.

Group Training classes coming soon!

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Sessions cover commands such as:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Place
  • Here
  • Leave it
  • Off (no jumping)
  • Door Control Wait
  • Loose Leash Walking

Pricing Information

Training is available for dogs currently enrolled in our daycare program. It is offered as an add-on to regular daycare.

Group Classes coming soon!

Group Class Training PricesPrice
Beginner - Coming Soon!$150
Intermediate - Coming Soon!$150
Advanced - Coming Soon!$150