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Metro 1 and Metro 2 have professional training available. We use positive training methods to help your dog learn manners. Visit the location training page by clicking the links above for more information.

Yes! We can work with your schedule for an extra fee. We also offer a taxi service that can pick your dog up at home even when you are not there.

Call or email to discuss.

The dogs learn quickly where they are supposed to do their business, which is outdoors. Even puppies learn within a day or two. Rarely have we seen daycare potty behaviors transfer to your home.

The question should be: what don’t they do all day! They run, jump, explore, make friends, play tag, tug, catch, soccer, they climb on the Little Tykes equipment outside, hide, collapse on the couch, snuggle, wrestle, sleep, sniff, bark, howl, dig, roll, swim, drink, paw at the water, obey our basic commands, learn routines, learn good dog behavior, learn how to get along with other dogs, and a bunch more!

Expect them to be very happy, tired, and possibly have sore paws for the first few days until they get used to running so much. Remember, just like kids on a playground, they can get minor scratches and bruises.

Of course! They get as much socialization, exercise, and love from our staff as the big dogs, and can either be in the group, or in a separate group, depending on their size, temperament, and your preference.

While nothing serious has ever happened here, we do have a great relationship with Ridglea Animal Hospital. It is our job to make sure your dog is safe and happy, but accidents can happen, and if they do, you will be notified immediately. Your dog will be given immediate medical attention at your preferred vet, our preferred vet, or the closest emergency clinic should the need arise.

Yes. We’d prefer they come in the morning (so their energy level matches the rest of the group) and can stay for up to 5 hours. Half days are great for senior dogs!

YES! Please strongly consider bringing your new puppy to daycare! We love puppies and believe that starting them on the road to socialization at an early age will set them up to be happy, well-behaved dogs for the rest of their lives. We give puppies of any age individual attention and help them learn basic commands. Being part of a pack quickly teaches them how to act and how to get along with other dogs and people.